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Title and Author(s) Description
Live Your Calling
Kevin Brennfleck and Kay Brennfleck
A Practical guide to finding and fulfilling your mission in life. This book is written with a Christian perspective.
What You're Really Meant To Do
Robert Kaplan
Kaplan shares a specific and actionable approach to defining your own success and reaching your potential. Drawing on his years of experience, Kaplan proposes an integrated plan for identifying and achieving your goals. He outlines specific steps and exercises to help you understand yourself more deeply, take control of your career, and build your capabilities in a way that fits your passions and aspirations.
Market Yourself
Jay Miletsky
Practical tips to market yourself including the basics to effective uses of the web.
Get Hired Fast
Brian Graham
Strategies designed to generate leads and interviews including a 15-day Action Plan, complete with charts, scripts, and other tools.
101 Smart Questions to ask on Your Interview
Ron Fry
Smart questions for you to ask in and after the interview.
Your Work Matters To God
Doug Sherman and William Hendricks
Resource for helping to glorify God in our everyday work.